La Lutine du Web, the blog of Julie Moynat: HTML & CSS code and, web accessibility

A luminous purplish-white Nigella damascena flower
Nigella damascena – © Julie Moynat

Welcome here! My name is Julie Moynat (pronoun: she/her). Semantics explorer, bad practices ardent critic, fervent defender of a fairer and more accessible world, enchanted by Irish dances and music, I secretly collect HTML tags on a little jig song.

At work, I’m a web designer and web accessibility consultant. I’m very interested in everything related to web quality (accessibility, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), performance and eco-design, web security, privacy, ergonomics, etc.). I therefore write around these themes, often in the form of feedback. I would translate some of my articles in English. Sometimes, I wander a bit to talk about more personal things, in the French version on my website.

The name of my website, “La Lutine du Web”, is the French of “The Elf of the Web”. It’s based on a memory of my 5 years old sister who told me I was an elf because I was wearing a pointy hoodie.

The last articles

Sometimes I don’t write for a long time but these are the last articles anyway!