Help and accessibility

This website is created and maintained on my personal time. I do my best to make it as accessible as possible for disabled people but it may contain, sometimes, some mistakes (no one is perfect).

If you find any, please do not hesitate to inform me so that I can correct them as soon as possible. You can contact me:

Skip link

The first available link in each page of this website is “Go to content”. This link allows you to go directly to the main content section without navigating through the website header. Thus, it speeds up navigation if you navigate with the keyboard.

Help to navigate the site

This website contains three different navigation systems:

  1. A search form is available in the website header and allows you to search through all pages in the website;
  2. A navigation menu is available in the website header and allows you to access to the main pages of the website;
  3. A sitemap page is available as a link in the website footer and represents the general structure of the website.

External links

External links are links going to another website from this one. In order to let you know it will bring you out of the website, external links in pages and articles are differentiated from internal links. Example: Firefox

However, none of the links available in the website is forced to be opened in a new window or in a new tab. I choose to let you choose how you want to open these links.


In order to explain complex or technical words or expressions, I’ve created a glossary. In articles or pages, you may find links telling they will bring you to the glossary. Example: assistive technologies

Estimated reading time of articles

In the header of articles, you will find an estimated reading time. This indication is mainly used to give an rough estimate of the time needed to read the article in order to be in good conditions. It is only an estimate. According to a study (article in French), adults read an average of 300 words per minute. However, I chose to calculate the time displayed for 200 words per minute. Indeed, I write articles that are sometimes technical so I estimate that it may take longer to assimilate what is written.

Moreover, for people with reading difficulties, this calculation of 300 words per minute can be very far from reality and the indicator can become an object of frustration. So, by lowering this average, it should be less frustrating (at least I hope so). Feel free to give me your feedback if this concerns you.